Ajnabi Humsafar Drama Cast – Story – OST – Timing – Teaser


Ajnabi Humsafar Drama Cast – Story – OST – Timing – Teaser | Ajnabi Humsafar is a new beginning drama. The drama is full of suspense and emotion. Stranger Humsafar drama serial is being aired on SAB TV. SAB TV is a new addition to Pakistan’s family and entertainment channels. The drama Ajnabi Humsafar series’s main cast includes the beautiful and talented actress of the Pakistan showbiz industry Mashal Khan. It is hoped that this drama will be successful and will give a new identity to Sub TV.


Ajnabi Humsafar Drama Cast

The main cast of the drama serial Ajnabi Humsafar includes Mashal Khan, Ghana Ali, Imran Aslam, and Omar Shehzad. The entire cast is very talented and hardworking. The excellent performance and passion of the cast have impressed the audience and the drama is slowly gaining popularity. It is not easy for a drama to become popular so quickly on any new channel and to attract the viewers of that channel.

  • Directer: Muhammad Ashar Asghar
  • Producer : Dr. Akbar Yezdani
  • Writer: Saima Latif

Star Cast

  • Mashal Khan
  • Ghana Ali
  • Imran Aslam​
  • Omer Shahzad
  • Wahaj Khan
  • Adeel Abbas
  • Laiba Khan
  • Aurangzeb Legari
  • Javed Jamal
  • Asma Saif
  • Hanif Bachan
  • Shazia Qaiser
  • Sofiya Khan


Timing Of Ajnabi Humsafar Drama

Every Wednesday at 8:00 pm only on SAB TV.


Ajnabi Humsafar Drama Story 

The story of the Ajnabi Humsafar drama revolves around the house of a girl named ‘Alizay'[ Mashal Khan] whose parents arrange her marriage to one of her cousins. Alizay has been told since childhood that she will be married to her cousin Zain. The new twist in the story comes when Zain doesn’t come on the wedding day with Barat and he goes with a rich girl.

Alizay’s parents are upset when a Zain’s Barat does not come then a friend of Alizay’s father gets ready to marry their son to Alizay. Aliza’s father’s friend’s son does not want to marry her and agrees after his father’s insistence. Alizay’s parents also hardly persuade Alizay to marry. Ajnabi Humsafar Drama Cast – Story – OST And Timing.


Ajnabi Humsafar Drama OST 

The OST song of this drama has been sung by Beena Khan and Fazeel Khan while the lyrics of this drama have been composed by Muhammad Akbar Khan.

  • Singer: Beena Khan, Fazeel Khan
  • OST Lyrics and composition: Muhammad Akbar Khan
  • OST Music: Fazeel Khan
  • Background Music: Octave Studio


Teaser / Promo 





Ajnabi Humsafer Episodes



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