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Cloud VPS Hosting vs Regular VPS

Welcome back, everyone! We have already discussed usual Virtual Private Serversor regular VPS in my previous video, but I’m sure you’ve probably heard about Cloud VPS. So let’s justjump into it and break down cloud VPS versus usual VPS. Now you might say that a VPS and aCloud VPS are the same thing – and you’ll be right.

A regular VPS and a Cloud VPS are kinda like twin brothers: they’re both based on the same virtualization technology and they both represent smaller slices of a bigger pie/server served to us as separate private servers. But at the same time, a VPS and a Cloud VPS are quite different. Today we’ll go over their main differences, and, of course, talk about which service will be a better pick for you. Now, VPS stands for “Virtual Private Server”and you get full control over that one single server.

And then we’ve got cloud VPS, this is when you pay a monthly fee and rent a small part of a much larger network. The question still stands, though: which one should you use, and why? For a person that’s just getting intoweb hosting, all these different terms can be a bit tricky. To keep things simple, just remember that Cloud is a group of High Performance Dedicated Servers united into a single Compute Network. And now the main distinction: a regular VPS is a part of a Single Dedicated Server while a Cloud VPS is a part of a Cloud Compute Network.

But what does this mean for you? Well, the fact that Cloud VPS can be much more powerful than a regular VPS and if you expect significant traffic growth, you should definitely go with Cloud VPS. Setting up both a regular VPS and a Cloud VPS can be quite challenging and you should be ready for it. Luckily, many cloud providers offer Cloud VPS with a set of pre-installed additional software that can ease your task. For example, you can buy a Cloud VPS with a pre-installed control panel and work with it as you would with ordinary Shared Hosting – it’s really simple.

Now, in 2021, privacy and security should always be the #1 concern. Good news: you’ll get plenty of that with a VPS. Thanks to the one user, one server approach, only you will have access to it, which makes it almost impossible for third parties to get sneak peeks of your stuff. The VPS concept is not perfect, however, and there are some things that we’ll need to address. The biggest turn-off is limited scalability. You will be able to get your hands on more resources, of course, but only within the limits of that one server.

And Cloud VPS is much more scalable as it is part of the Cloud Compute Network. Another big distinction is that Cloud VPS is much more reliable than a regular VPS. I bet you wouldn’t like to find yourself in a situation where your VPS just shuts down. If you have a regular VPS and the Dedicated server it’s connected to fails, you won’t be able to help it.Your websites just won’t work until the provider fixes the main server. So when will you need to worry about this? See, when there’s a traffic surge, the server might not be able to handle it.

And, once it goes down, the websites or apps running on it will become unavailable. And believe me: you don’t want to be in a situation where the server is malfunctioning, and there’s no way of getting your site back to life. Good news is that you don’t need to worry about such things with Cloud VPS! Compute nodes form a core of resources within a cloud environment. If one of the Compute Nodes fails, your Cloud VPS is instantly recreated on another Cloud Compute Node.

And the best part of it is that this happens so quickly that you won’t even notice! That’s why you should definitely choose Cloud VPS if you want enhanced reliability. So, what’s there to do when you lack the necessary skills but are still interested in web hosting? Well, that’s where cloud VPS comes in! It’s a more popular service because cloud VPS allows you to get started fairly quickly. Choose a Cloud VPS with the control panel you are used to.

I recommend Plesk control panel as with it you’ll get a convenient Cloud VPS easy to work with even if you’re just starting out and aren’t a tech pro yet. Got a website and looking for the best hosting options? Great, cloud VPS has got you covered. That’s the general idea behind this service. Flexibility is crucial as well. Unlike a usual VPS, a cloud VPS service doesn’t limit you in any way when it comes to expanding and adding more resources to your server.

All that it’s going to take is a request and an extra fee. Wait, before you move on, let me elaborate a bit. The resources will be allocated between different users, true, but that doesn’t mean that all those other accounts will be “eating away” your computing power. Every single user gets their fair share, and with a decent provider, you won’t even be in a situation when you don’t get the resources you paid for. That’s a good reason not to trust suspiciously cheap services, by the way! So, why should you consider cloud VPS over VPS? I’ve got one reason: dependability.

If your slice / part of the network fails, your website, apps, and everything in between will be automatically transferred to another slot. That way, you won’t have to wake up realizing that it’s gonna take tons of work to restart everything on a new server. With that said, let me tell you what cloud VPS is best for. It prevails as a scalable solution, of course, and that means pretty much any website/business that you’re planning on expanding might be wise to start with cloud VPS.

Online stores do require a lot of resources to run, and with a VPS, you’d have to think about migrating to a much bigger (and more expensive) server. With cloud VPS, though, expanding and adding more resources will be like a walk in the park. Most leading providers offer lots of flexible plans that allow expanding the way you want to. If cloud VPS seems like the best option for you, JustVPS might be a good place to start. Don’t go cheap when it comes to cloud VPS – I can’t stress this one enough.

Anything available for less than 10 dollars a month shouldn’t even be considered. In fact, run away from it as far as you can, because the quality of the service will leave a lot to be desired. Besides, low-priced hosting services are usually less than ideal in terms of security. Summing up, if you’re a software developer or just in love with coding, a Cloud VPS can be of great help. Let me ask you this: how many times have you been in a situation where the deadline is looming closer, and the computer that you’ve got at the office is too slow to get things done in time?

Well, with a powerful Cloud VPS that won’t be a problem. It’s safe to say that video game developers and companies that work on mobile apps will also find a Cloud VPS to be a worthy investment. But you gotta know what you’re doing; otherwise, it’ll be just money, time, and energy going down the drain. Getting a website up and running isn’t a very easy task. Be brutally honest with yourself, and only go with a VPS if you’re 100% confident you’ll pull it off.

That’s pretty much it. I really hope that I was able to help you understand the differences between VPS and cloud VPS. It all comes down to your personal needs and requirements at the moment. My biggest advice to beginners – don’t be afraid to experiment, take the first step. Web hosting services aren’t that expensive, and you might want to test the waters before committing to either one of these options. And to refresh your memory, before we say goodbye, here’s a quick verdict on the cloud VPS versus VPS wars.

Cloud VPS is highly scalable, safe and reliable. If you’ve got a startup and hope of getting bigger in the nearest future, this will be your go-to service. Even if all the pros make Cloud VPS a bit more expensive than a normal VPS, trust me it’s definitely worth it! VPS, in turn, is very private, secure, and is almost entirely standalone. From a financial standpoint, Virtual Private Servers are also a better deal. But remember: you’ll be limited to that one server, and if it stops working, so will your website.

Plus, if you don’t have the skillset and don’t know the first thing about setting everything up properly, a VPS will turn into a hosting nightmare.

Cheap VPS Hosting

Today, I’m going to show you the comparison between DigitalOcean and Vultr. I…, I don’t know what the fuc.. what thehell you’re going to pronounce that hosting service, but I will call it Vultr. Well as we know, Vultr and DigitalOcean arecloud hosting service that you might spend only $5 so that you can access a full controlVPS service. Let’s me show you here, when we compareabout two hosting, we compare about the price and quality.

So, I ianstalled the WordPress blog on DigitalOceanand Vultr and then we’re going to check the performance together. And, you will evaluation these both hostingby yourself. Okay, it’s a little bit hot over here becauseyeah… I worked under 1000 watts’ lights. Yeah, maybe. Maybe 1000 watts of lighting so I’m so hotright now. Okay! So, let’s check the price as you can seehere. Um… with the Vultr, you start with $2.5so that you can have 512M VPS hosting.

But if you are a WordPress blogger, you mightwant to choose this one. You will start with 1 Gigabyte RAM and itstarts with $5. And, but I recommend you $10 package. And, you can come with 2 Gigabyte RAM anda, a 2000 gigabyte WidthBand. Sorry, not WidthBand. Bandwidth or Data Transfer. And, Okay! Let’s take a look to DigitalOcean. And as you can see here, DigitalOcean startswith $5. It’s 100% more expensive than Vultr, butif you are a WordPress blogger, you might need to start with a Gigabyte RAM.

So it’s the requirement… how can I say? It’s the minimum requirement for host yourWordPress blog so you might need to go with $10 package. However, please look at here. If you go with $10 package, you will get 2Gigabytes RAM on Vultr. But you only a gigabyte RAM on DigitalOcean. And yeah. For the storage space, you will get 30 gigabytesdisk storage, but you get only… No. Okay, here. Yes, I see it. You will get a 40 gigabytes on Vultr. And however, you less WidthBand.

Sorry, I… I always pronounced WidthBand, but actually,it’s Bandwidth or Data transfer. Okay. So, you’ll get 2 gigabytes of BandWidth. So, on the Valtr is a considerable price. And however, please look at the performanceof… of that two different servers. Because when… when we considered a cheapprice, we might consider about… What can I say? About the quality as well. Sometimes, it provides the low quality. So, I will use hum… GtMetrix the performance of that sites.

Please wait a title bit, I’m loading. Okay, here. It’s coming. Now I will start Vultr as you can see, I installeda Server on Vultr. And I installed a $5 package with 1 gigabyteRAM. And lets me check it on GtMetrix. Okay, let’s go. Please wait a little bit for GtMetrix fletchingdata. Come on!… Okay, here it came. This is a new fresh installed blog and I donothing at all. I just install it then we check the performance. As you can see, we have 0.9s loading speedor…

How can I say? 900 milliseconds loading speed. I will compare it with DigitalOcean server. And I will copy the new ip address. And please wait a little bit. It’s loading low over. Okay. I just copy it here. And as you can see, I have a server with 1gigabyte RAM on DigitalOcean so I will test the performance and compare it. You know? Um… sometimes, we need to choose the bestfor our money so that we need to choose a high performance with good price. A good considerable price.

That is the reason why I try spent some moneyfor show what is the best service for host your blog. Okay! Now it’s coming. And as you can see here, the grade speed. DigitalOcean have the better performance,the better optimize. But… however, you can see here, the loadingspeed is a little bit slower than Vultr. So that you… you, you can see it here byyourself. And you just spend $5 with 1 gigabytes RAMand you will get 0 point. How can say? 900 milliseconds loading.

And it’s 490 milliseconds faster than DigitalOcean. So that’s great! Why don’t we go with the Vultr? And,Thanks for watching the video. I’m go to … to, to upload more videosrelated to hosting and other blogging stuffs. And if you loveYou can comment what you want to know and I will try to contact to the merchant andask them for premium access. Or if I cannot get that stuff, I will paymyself to get what you want to know. Okay, thanks you.

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