How to Find an Apartment in Montreal | Complete Guide

So you’ve made it to Montreal! Set yourself up admin wise, maybe starting to get a little sick   of your airbnb, and now… need to find a proper place to live, in this city. How do you,   find an apartment in Montreal? Well… it’s not easy, i’ll tell you that much.

My name’s Lashan,   and having gone through this excruciating process myself, I wanted to make this video to give you a   rundown on everything you need to know on how to find an apartment in Montreal – from where   and how to look, what to look for when inspecting a place, putting some of this advice in practice   and hitting the streets with my friend in his own search, and also to help give you an idea of what   some of

the neighborhoods in Montreal are actually like, i’ve made what I like to call a city guide:   where i’ve done a series of quick interviews with my friends who live in different areas   of Montreal, to share their thoughts and give you an idea what each area is like,   and help you decide on which neighborhood is best for you. I’ve been wanting to put   together this video for a while, and as a disclaimer this whole video was filmed…

pre-pandemic, to say the least – which explains the complete absence of masks   in this video. Alright, so with all that said and done, let’s get started! Roll the tape hey guys we’re in montreal right now i’m with adele who’s looking for an apartment in montreal   Adil would you like to introduce yourself yes so hey it’s Adil i’m currently looking for an   apartment in center of montreal probably somewhere around plateau rosmaul relay for summer so june   1st or july 1st and

the thing with that is when you first arrive here in montreal you might not   actually be able to get a full year lease right off the bat depending on what time you arrive so   depending on the time you arrive in montreal you might not get at least for 12 months so you might   have to sublease an apartment in montreal for that time because most leases start on july 1st for   reasons which i’ll put just below here so because of

that yeah you might have to like sublease for   maybe three months six months whatever until you hit july 1st and you need to look for a july first   apartment which can be a real pain i went through two apartments before i finally found my july 1st   place because everything starts on july 1st that means that everyone is searching for an apartment   at the same time for a july first place meaning it is crazy competitive and

it’s extremely difficult   to find an apartment here i went through it two years ago i never want to go through it again i   don’t have to for like the time being and you are going to go through it so i am not excited it’s   not fun it’s not fun it’s not fun so it is chaotic be prepared for a lot of competition when you do   start looking for an apartment now that you know the july first uh complication next thing is where   to look for apartments so in canada we have

this thing called kijiji which is basically the gumtree   or craigslist of canada craigslist also exists but pretty much anything that’s on craigslist   is also on kijiji facebook groups is a really good resource especially if you’re a student   looking for apartments looking for just a room in an apartment facebook groups for sure padmappa is   another one as well it’s a map layout where you can sort of filter by price and buy rooms   buy everything there is also facebook marketplace which takes

the listing from facebook groups and   other listings and it’s all centralized in one place and it can filter by price   by areas and all the other filters you can use in any other sites now those are places where you can   find apartments but what about inspecting them and deciding whether to move in let me give you just   a couple bits of advice based on my own personal experience odyssey or jesus jose apartments are   ground floor apartments i would personally avoid

these as if you live in a built-up area such   as montreal where housing is densely packed and every building is at least three stories   basically no light enters the apartment apart from the rooms with south-facing windows i’ve   lived in one for two months then i can confirm the common areas were almost completely dark   it’s dark gloomy and depressing avoid it the same goes for basement and half basement apartments   before moving here i didn’t even know

these existed and still don’t know why they exist   why why would you do this to yourself the same goes for bedrooms with no windows   don’t do it don’t do it we actually do have a windowless bedroom in our apartment we just use this for storage but imagine sleeping in here you don’t know when to wake up it’s so   destroying i did it not in this room but in like another apartment for two months don’t   do it do not do it i thought i could handle it for a few months but i couldn’t sure

there are   huge savings on rdc apartments compared to higher level apartments but the effect it has on your   well-being and sanity is not worth it especially for windowless bedrooms stick to bedrooms with   windows and upper level apartments ideally third floor if you live in montreal because   as you can see we get roof access and it’s dope sunsets from here are pretty sweet and just uh   i know it’s a nice thing to have roof access

this whole light thing is something i’ve never   had to deal with in australia because even at ground level there’s light everywhere but   in canada light becomes precious in the winter and the price premium is worth it if you’re in   montreal it’s still dirt cheap anyway you can save money in other ways other things worth   mentioning electricity is called hydro in canada so ask if that’s included or not as bills can   vary dramatically between summer

and winter which can be dollars and cents in the summer and up to   hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the winter one thing i forgot to mention is the really confusing   notation montreal uses to describe apartment sizes in sydney an apartment would clearly   state if it was two bedrooms one bathroom three bedrooms one bathroom etc here one and a half   three and a half what’s a five and a half the general rule is that this describes the number   of rooms with

the separate bathroom being the half to break it down real quick one and a half   is a single studio apartment with a kitchenette two and a half includes a bedroom and a living   room plus a kitchenette and a bathroom the two rooms might not be separated by a wall but will   be larger than a one and a half three and a half is a separated living room bedroom and kitchen   four and a half and above every increase after the three and a half is an added room in

the apartment   usually a bedroom so a four and a half would be a two bedroom and a five and a half would be a three   bedroom so one thing about montreal is that it is very very very competitive which means sometimes   a landlord doesn’t really want 20 30 40 people looking at a place so sometimes there are listings   on kijiji without photos so normally you would think that a listing for an apartment without any   photos would be sketchy as hell and you shouldn’t check it out sometimes

those listings can actually   hold some incredible apartments one of my friends took the chance on a photoless listing on kijiji   and they have this incredible really huge spacious cheap apartment in the middle of my land and   that’s because they just took the chance and they got it the real estate landscape in montreal is   hell and you need to try absolutely everything you can to find a place including offline so   what we’re going to do minadil is we’re going to drive around every street in my land and plateau   which is where

we’re looking and look for signs and look for signs on houses and basically look   for signs on houses saying they’re up for rent call them this does work in my search two years   ago i did find a place like this by driving up and down these streets looking for signs calling   the people and getting any inspection that way so that’s what we’re gonna do ready yep cool so we’re like deep in a plateau right now just basically cruising

the streets cruising the streets looking for tiny red signs that indicate something is up for rent signs like this sometimes they’ll be red sometimes they’ll be black sometimes they’ll   be printed and handwritten you just gotta keep an eye out on another one sometimes they can   be absolutely tiny we just found another one so this one says complete which means   sold out done no more apartments here it was uh so semi-furnished foreign which is hot water which you’d hope so i would hope

there is   some chauffeur in the sense more like the heating is included because some   it does not include heating they’ll say you have to pay the heating   but most in most cases it’s always similar yeah maybe like trying to loop around okay so this   is one of the places that adil found before so this is a place called de miso silsa half   basement there is no uh balcony you don’t have that much light yeah there’s no home space either

and it’s 850 or at 95 850 dollars are you serious look at this this is what you get for 850 dollars to be fair this is not this is not indicative of most montreal places but you can get   ripped off hard here yep this one was actually through an agency also this place so they own   the places and they also rent it okay and they have several like it’s called they have several uh like student studios around uh garcia later platinum and

thailand and all   those places would you recommend them i mean if you have no other choice maybe if you’re here for   three months or six months and exchange students it’s like a good deal because it’s all included   so you don’t have to have hassle of the lease but if not you have to try something else yeah   i would recommend like trying as hard as you can to find a place by yourself by like all   the methods we just described because otherwise like i mean they just might be trying to make a   profit off you yeah definitely while we weren’t successful in finding a place that suited the   deals needs

that day hopefully that gave you an idea of what apartment hunting in montreal   can look like to help in your own search now it’s time for the city guide where i give you   a quick overview of a bunch of neighborhoods around montreal with the help of my friends   and hopefully give you an idea of where you want to live let’s start off with one of if not the   most popular neighborhood the one where all the french people live i’ll let you take a guess

hey   guys i’m merlin from new zealand and i’ve been living in the plateau area for about five months   it’s a francophone neighborhood with a lot of hipsters cool street art and old-school parisian   houses there’s always something to discover so like a new cafe on each corner of the street   the only negative i have about living in the plateau is that i live in duluth ave which is   one of the busiest streets in the plateau so there’s always people and there’s always noise

so it’s kind of hard to sleep sometimes otherwise the plateau is pretty vibing hi my name is diana and i’m from montreal i’ve been living in ngg now for eight months   and i love it it’s on the west of montreal along the orange line predominantly anglophone but   still international that would be interesting and since we’re near a university campus there   are a lot of young people here a lot of students and families too so the energy is   is really really good right now we’re in monkland which is really

the heart of nbc where there   are loads of cafes restaurants from around the world and things to do i love it because of the   the cheaper rent and the only downside that i could think of in living in ngg is that   since it is far from the city center unfortunately the nightlife isn’t that great   and it’s far from places that i love like last days however the rent is cheaper   it’s quiet but charming and i wouldn’t change living here for anything hi i’m hamish

i’m from new zealand been living in saint henry for six months now   uh sanori is a neighborhood in montreal southwest next to la shin canal   it’s mixed really of sort of anglophone young professionals and families a bit of an industrial   vibe here a lot of sort of disused factories from being next to the canal but also a lot   of parks and cycleways um and that’s something i really like about this neighborhood we’ve got

the cycles next to the canal we’re not too far from uh but not too we have uh we have uh our water   market here as well uh something i don’t really like though is that most people i’ve met here   in montreal are living on the other side of the orange line so seeing it on the weekends   is a little bit harder than if we’re in the same area but i can’t complain too much i do like it here hey i’m adil uh i live in parkax it’s been 17 years and i love that this neighborhood

what   i love the most is there’s so many local south asian and greek restaurants it used to be a greek   area now it’s a mostly south asian area and what i don’t like about this neighborhood is that there   is no nightlife there is no cafes or bars but it’s really a lovely area true to the diversity   of montreal everyone my name is cody and i live in little italy montreal i’ve been here for just   about a year now little italy historically was a landing spot for many italian immigrants during

the 20th century today as a result there is a lot of italian-owned and inspired businesses shops   restaurants one of the things i love about this neighborhood is this park so need a great food   chanter on market all the food and park x great pizzerias wine bars it’s even close   to downtown if you don’t mind taking the journey one of the things i would say i   dislike about the neighborhood is that it does tend to be a little expensive

if you don’t know where to look but overall it’s a great place to live and i love it so this is my land i’ve been living here for two years what i love about this place is you have   everything you have all the cafes you want you have all the bars easy transport direct   into the city i catch a bus across the road from my house i get there in about 10 minutes   even like the cheapest supermarket in montreal is a 10-minute bike ride what i don’t like about it   is

i don’t know i quite like this way um what don’t i like about my land got it okay so one   thing i don’t like about maryland is because you have everything within walking distance like the   walkability of this place is so great you don’t have to leave and very often you don’t leave so   he can get quite claustrophobic in that case but apart from that favorite place in montreal by far So that’s it!

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