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Salesforce is a powerful tool, but the variety of features and constant updates available to help your business can also make it difficult or frustrating for your team to learn the platform. That’s why comprehensive Salesforce training is vital. A Whatfix study found that 35% of sales representatives feel they need more training to use their customer relationship management (CRM) platform effectively.

More than 150,000 companies use Salesforce. Because the tool is so popular, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of training tools, courses, and materials to choose from. It can be challenging to figure out which ones are best for your team.

To save you time (and frustration!), we’ve researched the best Salesforce training resources and organized them into the following categories:

  • Instructor Classes
  • In-app guided training
  • Individualized courses
  • Supplemental Resources

Whether you’re implementing Salesforce for the first time or looking for ongoing Salesforce training, this list will help you determine the best training option for your sales force.

Instructor-led Salesforce Training Classes
Instructor-led classes are often more expensive than self-paced or unstructured training and require more programming and coordination from your staff. However, they do offer some unique benefits. Your team will learn from the experts with instructor-led Salesforce training, and they’ll be able to ask follow-up questions to ensure they fully understand each concept. The structured environment is also likely to drive team members to learn and help keep everyone on track.

1. Salesforce Trailhead Academy

Some of Salesforce’s best training resources come from the company itself. Salesforce offers more than 50 in-person and virtual courses through its Trailhead Academy. Each covers a different aspect of the platform. Some are geared towards specific jobs or roles. Reporting Strategies for Business Analysts, for example, is designed for business analysts and sales managers.

The time required to complete each course varies from a few hours to several days.

Salesforce Trailhead Academy
Price: Cost varies widely between different topics and locations, starting at $300 and going up to $4,500 per course.
Key Benefit: Because these classes are taught by Salesforce or one of its partners, your team will learn directly from the experts.
2. Stony Point
Stony Point is a Salesforce training partner that offers both face-to-face and virtual training. One of the offerings that sets Stony Point apart is the one-year training pass as a subscription service (TaaSS). With this training, you can access any of the company’s instructor-led courses at a significant discount.

Stony Point divides its courses into three categories based on how you’ll use Salesforce:

  • Technical training
  • Salesforce End User Training
  • sales training
  • The course duration varies from four hours to 40 hours.

Stony Point Training Catalog

Price: Courses start at $400 and go up to $4,000, averaging about $100 per hour of training. TaaSS ranges from $900 to $4,500 per annual license, depending on how many licenses you purchase.
Key Benefit: There are several ways to save money on Stony Point courses, including volume discounts for teams and the TaaSS offer. In addition to commercially available classes, you can work with Stony Point instructors to create a personalized training plan.
3. Beth Saunders Associates
Beth Saunders Associates offers Salesforce training explicitly targeted at nonprofits and co-ops. Non-profit organizations may have different CRM needs. They are working with donors and focusing on building relationships and encouraging ongoing giving without having a traditional product to update or add. Beth Saunders Associates Instructors will work with you to create an in-person training curriculum or develop an ongoing training plan.

Screenshot of Beth Saunders website
Pricing: As they completely customize all training, you will need to contact Beth Saunders Associates staff for pricing.
Key Benefit: When developing a custom Salesforce training plan, your team won’t waste time learning the features they don’t need.
In-App Salesforce Guided Training
Often the best training method is learning by doing. With in-app guidance from Salesforce, team members can walk through the platform’s many features step-by-step.

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