Sitam Hum TV Drama Cast – OST – Story – Teaser – Timings

Sitam Hum TV Drama Cast – OST – Story | Hum TV has started a new drama called ‘Sitam’. This year Hum TV has started some new and big projects from the beginning. This drama will also be one of them. Nawal Saeed and Moomal Khalid are playing the lead roles in this drama.

Hum TV had recently launched their new drama ‘Tana Bana‘ ‘Chupke Chupke‘ which became very popular among the viewers. In addition, ‘Raqs-e- Bismal‘ is currently the most-watched drama in Pakistan on Hum TV.

Sitam Hum TV Drama Cast

The main cast of the drama will feature young Pakistani characters who have recently started their careers in showbiz. The main cast includes Nol Saeed, Momal Khalid, Osama Khan, Saad Qureshi, and Karan Tabar.

  • Director: Kamran Akbar
  • Writer: Rizwan Ahmed
  • Producer: Gold Bridge Media Productions & Momina Duraid Productions

Star Cast

  • Muhammad Usama As Shayan
  • Nawal Saeed As Feriha
  • Momal Khalid As Aashi
  • Saad Qureshi As Salman
  • Azra Mohyeddin
  • Marie Bhatti As  Zoya
  • Laila Wasti
  • Afraaz Rasool
  • Kiran Tabeer As Abeer
  • Ayesha Khan
  • Areej Chaudhary
  • Usman Javed
  • Areesha
  • Talia Jan
  • Sara Malik
  • Ayaz Mughal
  • Farhad Riaz
  • Imran Baloch
  • Saba Shehzadi
  • And Others
  • Sitam Hum TV Drama Cast – OST – Story

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The story of the drama serial Sitam highlights a very sensitive aspect of our society. The story of this drama revolves around three people: Feriha (Nawal Saeed), Aashi (Momal Khalid), and Shayan (Usama Khan). In the story, Shayan and Aashi love each other but due to family pressure, Shayan cannot marries Aashi. He refuses Aashi and marries his sister’s sister-in-Law Feriha.

On the first night of the marriage, Feriha finds out that Shayan had married her only for his sister and he had no love for her. Shayan doesn’t treat her well, but Shayan’s family married her only so that her sister would be happy in their home and Feriha’s brother would not hurt her sister. On the other hand, Ashi also gets engaged to Ali Butt but she is not happy with the engagement as she still loves Shayan.

This drama reflects an element like ‘watta satta’ in our society where the lives of many girls are ruined due to this. This drama shows how Feriha faces many problems. We have to watch the drama in its entirety to see what happens next with Feriha and Aashi. Sitam Hum TV Drama Cast – OST – Story

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Sitam Drama OST 

Sitam Drama Timing 

Hum TV has aired this drama Monday – Friday at 7:00 pm Only On Hum Tv.

Teasers Of Sitam Hum Tv Drama 

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