Courses for PR in Australia – 2021 | INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN AUSTRALIA

everything has been changed in the years 2020 and 2021 in terms of australian permanent residency   hi everyone i’m Sarvani and welcome to the crazy journal in this video i’m going to   discuss a couple of courses that will lead you to the pr dream for australia because a lot of   things have been changed i thought it would be really wise for me to put out this video   all the important information is throughout the video so don’t forget to watch this video till   the end without any further ado let’s get started the first occupation goes to nursing with all that

that’s happening here in the world and also that’s happening here in australia nursing is one of the   booming occupations of booming professions you could call as so if you are someone who   has got that nursing degree you can take high advantages for um that particular industry because   pr is really easy for you guys and for any visa for

that matter 189 190 491 if you are from a   medical profession things are getting really easy for you and i’m really happy for that   but let’s discuss some other occupations as well the second occupation is all about agriculture if   you are from agriculture industry the government is making sure that agriculture industry will boom   and will rise here in australia a lot of things are being imported from all the other parts of

the   world hence australian government would want to encourage a lot of people who would what want   to get into australian agriculture industry and that’s the reason why permanent residency for this   particular industry is getting really hotter day by day number

three health and social assistance   occupations being a social worker being a child care worker a couple of occupations under this   profession now if you are one of those well these are not completely under medical field they also   come under um helping the community and helping helping our people with disabled disability and   so on so if you are in this industry then go take advantage of this you might be getting your pr   right away the fourth occupation that i’m going to talk about is teaching if you are a teacher

let it   be early school middle school or even a special education teacher this is a good news for you   teaching has been in the list since ages but now it is booming because australian government needs   it right so if you are someone who is wanting to pursue teaching then this is a good news for you   if you are someone who has already done teaching then yeah go and get your pr the last occupation

that i would want to include is engineering ict system analyst icd business analyst and id   so i’m not sure what kind of demand australian government has for this particular occupation   it is always controversial but that being said invitations are being sent out for a bunch of   people and hence

that’s the reason why i am adding it into this list um always icd business analysts   and system analysts are being invited so if you are from that occupation let’s hope for the best   um and let’s wait until you get invited i hope this video was quite helpful i wanted to make this   quick short video that will help you out um in terms of getting to know what courses are leading   to pr don’t forget to hit that like comment subscribe and don’t forget to share this video bye

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