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Tana Bana  is a new drama starting on Hum TV. Even before this, Hum TV has launched many new projects in 2021, including “Chupke Chupke“, “Raqs -E- Bismal“. Tana Bana Drama Cast – OST – Teaser – Timing.

The main cast of Tana Bana includes Danyal Zafar and Alizeh Shah. This is the first play of Danyal Zafar. He is the brother of famous Pakistani singer Ali Zafar. Earlier, Danyal Zafar has gained a lot of fame with his songs in Cock Studio and he has seen us in various TV commercials.

The audience’s attention in this drama is also because the beautiful and fast emerging Pakistani actress Alizeh Shah is also included in the main cast. Earlier, Alizeh Shah has also played the lead role in Pakistan’s super hit dramas ‘Ehad-e- Wafa’ and ‘Mera Dil Mera Dushman’.


Tana Bana Drama Cast


  • Writer : Hussaan Imam
  • Director : Saife Hasan
  • Producer : momina Duraid Productio


Full Cast : 

  1. Danyal Zafar
  2. Alizay Shah
  3. Javeria Abbasi
  4. Aamir Qureshi
  5. Hassan Noman Qureshi
  6. Ismat Zaidi
  7. Komal Rizvi
  8. Sarah Nadeem
  9. Tania Amna Hussain
  10. Yash (Child)
  11. And Others

Tana Bana Drama Story 


Tana Bana is a romantic drama. The story of this drama revolves around a couple. Tana Bana drama is different from other dramas. In this drama, Danyal Zafar is playing the role of a boy who believes in horoscopes while he falls in love with a girl who is not suitable for him according to his horoscopes.
In this drama, the girl is Alizeh Shah. Aliza has many dreams of her own which she wants to fulfill while her family wants her to get married. She doesn’t want to get married yet because she loves to studies.
Danyal Zafar assures  Alizeh that if she marries him, he will not stop her from studying. The drama is full of romance, comedy and emotion.

In one of his interviews, Danyal Zafar told the story of the drama. Trailers for this drama have been released. These are the exact words of Daniel

”A boy who believes in stars comes across a girl who isn’t exactly a match for him based on their horoscope but he still goes for it and it’s this entire thing on how the girl has her own ambitions, and her life revolves around the marriage. How she stands up for herself and how that causes a shift in the family dynamics. So just comedy, romance, pain, etc”


Tana Bana Drama OST Lyrics – Tana Bana Hum TV Drama


Tana Bana Drama OST 


Tana Bana Drama Timing 


Starting from 1st Ramzan | Everyday at 7:30 PM only on HUM TV. 14 April 2021


Tana Bana Drama Teaser 






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Tana Bana Drama OST Lyrics – Tana Bana Hum TV Drama

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