Yaar Na Bichray Drama Cast – Story – OST – Timing – Teaser

Yaar Na Bichray Drama Cast – Story – OST – Timing – Teaser | Yaar Na Bichray, Is a new drama starting on HUM TV. This year HUM TV aired many super-hit dramas like ‘Raqs e Bismil‘ & ‘Chupke Chupke‘. HUM TV has always been known as a channel for making dramas based on unique stories.

Zain Baig and Zainab Shabbir will be seen together in this drama. Even before this, this couple has worked together as a couple in the drama ‘Malaal-e-Yaar’ but they had played a supporting role in this drama.

Yaar Na Bichray Drama Cast

The main cast of the drama includes Zain Baig and Zainab Shabbir. They will be seen as a couple while other actors include Zhalay Sarhadi, Hamad Farooqi, Zohreh Amir, Irfan Motiwala.

  • Director: Mohsin Talat
  • Writer : Uzma Iftikhar And Furqan Sahir
  • Producer: Moomal Entertainment & MD Productions

Star Cast

  • Zainab Shabbir As Palwasha
  • Zain Baig As Azar
  • Zohreh Amir As Saima
  • Zhalay Sarhadi As Fiza
  • Noor ul Hassan Muhammad
  • Hammad Farooqi
  • Adnan Shah Tipu
  • Irfan Motiwala
  • Adnan Shah Tipu
  • Shaheen Khan
  • And Others

Yaar Na Bichray Drama Story

The story of the drama serial Yar Na Bachare revolves around  Zain Beg (Azar) and Zainab Shabbir (Palwasha). Palwasha’s mother leaves her and her father alone at an early age. After which Palwasha’s father becomes a cruel father and beats his daughter. Her father keeps saying that the girl whose mother was not faithful, how will the girl be faithful. He arranges the marriage at the young age of Palwashah.

On the other hand, in this drama, Zain Beg is playing the role of a bully boy. Azar’s (Zain Beg’s) father dies in his childhood, forcing Azar to give up his education and earn money for his family so that his family can make a living. He becomes a bully and then uses force to do his job. He knows that people think he is a bad person but he doesn’t care.

When Palwasha sees Azar for the first time, he is beating people. That’s why she doesn’t like him at all, but Azar keeps looking at Palwasha and falls in love with Palwasha at first sight. ۔ At first, Palwasha doesn’t like Azar and she thinks he’s a badass, but as time goes by, Palwasha starts to like Azar too. The story is full of emotions, suspense, and romance.

Yaar Na Bichray Drama Timing 

Yaar Na Bichray New Episode Every Monday – Thursday at 9:00 Pm only on Hum Tv.

Yaar Na Bichray Drama OST 

Yaar Na Bichray Drama Teaser 

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